Digital Resource Showcase

Michigan CPAs, like all of us, have faced many new challenges this year. To ensure that Michigan CPAs stay safe and get their required 40 hours by June 30, this year’s annual 2-day trade show was a live 2-day webcast of important educational sessions. However, because of safety issues, our trade show exhibit floor event was cancelled. In its place, we have launched the Digital Resource Showcase.

This Digital Resource Showcase (DRS) provides many of the same important elements (videos, catalogs, brochures, press releases, etc.,) that our sponsor partners/exhibitors ordinarily would promote live and in-person to attendees at our traditional 2-day trade show. The good news is that the DRS will be available to our MICPA members well-beyond just the end of June. It’s all here in one easy-to-access digital format! Please discover all the accounting, payroll, IT, healthcare, legal, insurance, and other important business services that supported this year’s big event!